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Canggu Station in Canggu is the place to be if you want to get all those gourmet delights that you get back home in Australia. Everyone goes there. Ex pats, locals and holiday makers who have been to Bali before that know just how good the place is. It’s jam packed full of fresh produce, meats, salamis, cheeses, fresh fish, snacks, fruit, alcohol, biscuits ( Tim Tams), chips, lots of chocolates, cereals and basically anything your can get back homes at Coles or Woolies. So if your craving some of your favourite snacks from back home make sure you head to Canggu Station. It’s located in the Berawa area of Canggu and as it just so happens we have loads of fantastic Canggu villas to rent neat the Canggu Station. Getting there is easy if you have a scooter. But, if not get your villa manger to do  the shopping for you or get him to organise a car to take you there. It’s more than likely that it’s less than 10 min away from your villa.

If your short on money there is an ATM inside but they do as you would expect accept credit card.