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There are few places capable of showing you all of nature’s beauty, and even fewer as amazing as the island of Bali. Sitting just west of the Wallace line, you might want to visit Bali not only for the culture, the gorgeous Bali holiday villas and environment, but for the fauna and wildlife you’ll see, too! The Asian fauna is certainly a sight to behold, so as far as once in a lifetime experiences go, this is certainly one you won’t want to miss!

Geography of Bali

Bali is one of the lesser known countries of the Indonesian archipelago, just east of Java. It’s a fairly small island with a space of only 5,630 square km. However, just because it’s so small doesn’t mean there’s nothing to see! Bali has a varied landscape, and even a peak in Gunung Agung at 10,308 feet above sea level. If you don’t want to go up that high though, the beaches are as close to paradise as you can get.

Beyond beaches and mountains, you can see deep forests, rivers, slopes, and even crop fields spread all around for paddy fields, coffee, onions, and many other spices. With so many different environments, and locations, it’s no wonder that both the fauna and wildlife are so diverse in Bali!

There are so many species that much of the forest, and animals are protected in the West Bali National Park. Continue north for grasses, savannas, and mangrove forests to see some fauna that might be elsewhere in Indonesia, and some that’s unique to only Bali.


If you’re still not sure, or are wondering exactly what kind of wildlife experience you might get, here are a few places to visit that might convince you to come see for yourself.

Ubud Monkey Forest

You can get up close and personal with the animals in Bali which is part of why it’s such a unique country. Look for the monkeys in the Ubud Monkey Forest which is a prime monkey hangout. You might just see some grey-haired macaques, and one of the three holy temples sanctified by villagers. Just be sure not to get lost amongst all the trees, and in the dense jungle! If your staying in one of our lovely Ubud Villas then making your way to the monkey forest will be really easy.

Ubud Monkey Forest

Bali Bird Park

Looking to see a few birds? Visit Bali Bird Park where you can see 1000 birds from 250 species within the tropical gardens. This park is located in the Batubulan stone carving village, and a great day trip if you’re at Kuta, Sanur, or Ubud.

As a safe haven for endangered species like the cendawasih, and leucopsar rothschildi, with birds you can feed from your hand, you’ll really feel at one with nature.

Bali Bird Park

South Coast

Take a boat trip from one of the coasts along the south part of the island. From there, you’ll be able to see multiple cetacean species, like spotted, spinner, and bottlenose dolphins, along with sperm whales, pilot whales, Eden’s ehales, and even false killer whales. From here, you can also enjoy the view of a whale shark, a rare sight even in Bali!

Whale spotting in Bali

Rimba Reptile Park

Finally, take a look at 20 different species, and over 181 different specimens of reptiles. You really might enjoy the 1.5-meter Komodo dragon, too, as well as the crocodiles, flying lizards, iguanas, frogs, and geckos. Just be aware of the snakes when you’re there, and maybe try another location if you’re not overly fond of our reptilian friends.

Rimba Reptile Park



There’s so much wildlife and fauna in Bali that I was only able to scratch the surface, but if you’re looking to explore a new country to find even more beautiful animals to see, this is the place to go. Housing tons of different species, it might just be impossible to see it all at once!


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