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Traveling with children can sometimes be a nightmare, but if you’ve booked a holiday to the beautiful Island of the Gods, Bali, you’re in luck. Bali is a whole other world that will surely satisfy any soul, no matter what your age is.

Thankfully Bali is a destination that is family friendly. You’re literally spoilt for choice when it comes to family activities in Bali, and in some cases there are even on-site nannies and daycare providers that will allow you to have a break and indulge in yourself as well.

Here are our top family-friendly adventures in Bali that will prove to be enjoyable for you and the kids.

Bali Treetop – Tabanan

Bali Treetop Adventure Park in Bali

Just a stone’s throw away from Kuta is Tabanan. Fields upon fields of green rice paddy fields are hidden amongst some of Bali’s most verdant jungles. Bali is undoubtedly home to some of the lushest and most spectacular jungles and forests in the world, and Tabanan is one place you can really immerse yourself in it.

Here you’ll find Bali Treetop, where you and your family can literally swing from the trees like monkeys. This monstrous tree top adventure playground will allow you and your family to take in new views from a totally different angle.

Bali Treetop in Tabanan offers you a choice of 7 different circuits, all of which have varying levels of difficulty. Determine where you and your family are at and how much you can handle while perfecting your balancing and swinging skills on the 72 different obstacles.

If you’re novices without any outdoor adventure skills, it’s perfectly okay. Start at a mere 2 metres up to get a feel for everything and gain confidence before taking on some of the more extreme levels that reach up to 20 metres.

You’re in safe hands, and the team at Bali Treetop are specially trained and equipped to guide you and your family across the obstacle course. At all times, you’ll be attached to a safety wire and harness, and it won’t take you long to adeptly scamper across the obstacle course. As your journey into the treetop comes to an end, you’ll fly back down to earth on the 160 metre zipline – it’s thrilling!

This is one family adventure in Bali that will get the adrenaline pumping. It will surely blow away all the cobwebs, leaving you with a unique feeling of excitement and exhaustion.

Waterbom – Kuta

Waterbom Water Park in Bali
When you think of Kuta, you conjure up images of great surf and nightlife. But there’s also an excellent family day out in Kuta that will surely satisfy the adventure lovers and water babies in the family.

For a thrilling day in Kuta with the family, head to Bali’s number one waterpark, Waterbom. Not only is it ranked the best waterpark in Bali, it also holds the number one spot in Asia and third in the world.

With a whopping 22 water rides and attractions available for you and the family, which includes waterslides and a swim-up bar for the adults, you’ll be able to sit back and relax a little while your kids go crazy on all the exciting rides on offer.

View villas near Waterbom Bali

If your kids like to compete against one another, check out the Fast ‘n’ Fierce ride, which consists of two side by side open slides that allow you to challenge each other to the title of the fastest slider. If you’re into more adrenaline pumping activities, we dare you to give the Climax ride a go. Step into the small capsule that will suddenly plummet 16 metres vertically down. And if your children have been bugging you for surf lessons, but you’ve been apprehensive to allow them to head out into the unknown waters of the sea, they can have surfing lessons in complete safety on the Flowrider.

Bali Waterbom also has top-notch dining facilities, which will surely be welcomed after a day of testing the waters. There are a number of excellent restaurants and cafes at the Waterbom resort, so if you’re travelling with fussy eaters, it isn’t an issue. And to make life all that more easier for you, Waterbom has a cashless payment system that you can use to pay for all your food and drinks by simply topping up your wristband at various points in the park – it’s that easy!

The Upside Down House – Denpasar

The Upside Down House
As the name suggests, this is a cool little museum in Denpasar that will allow your children to get a feel for how life as an astronaut is.

Let their imaginations run wild. They may choose to take on the role of an alien or an astronaut on Earth as they float around an everyday fully equipped house that has everything from a fully stocked kitchen to a bathroom.

This out of the ordinary experience is perfect for a rainy day in Bali or if your kids are fed up of swimming in pools. Enjoy the change of perspective and you’ll see how life can be so different when everything’s flipped upside down.

Sea Walking – Nusa Dua

Seawalking Bali
Take your kids on a real life Finding Nemo adventure with the ultimate seawalking experience in Nusa Dua.

This has nothing do with performing miracles by walking on water; you and your family will be walking on the seabed, under water! This is an exhilarating water activity in Bali for the whole family. It doesn’t matter if you’re strong swimmers or not; in fact it doesn’t require any swimming ability at all.

Going to an aquarium in Bali is one thing, but seeing the colourful tropical fish and gorgeous aquatic life up close and personal is another.

Your experienced Balinese guides will take you out on a short boat trip that launches from the Grand Mirage resort to a purpose-built site for diving.

Put on your helmets, which are not too dissimilar to an astronaut’s, and descend down the short staircase below the sea’s surface to experience the aquatic paradise of Bali.

Walk across the sandy bed, watch the varieties of local tropical fish swim by, and enjoy a one-off magical experience. You’ll even get the chance to hand feed the fish if you’re game.

Your guides will be with you every step of the way, snapping photos of you and your family in your seawalking gear above and below the sea’s surface, so when you do leave Bali, you’ll be taking these memories home with you.

Gallery Trick Art 3D in Bali
Seminyak is home to some of the best Bali beach clubs and boutique shops, which children soon tire of. However, hidden amongst the upmarket restaurants and cafes of Seminyak, you’ll find the Gallery Trick Art 3D.

As soon as you enter, your kids are going to be amazed, and you too won’t believe your eyes.

Gallery Trick Art 3D is made up of well over 80 very realistic 3D paintings of varying themes from a 3D Great White shark to some well-positioned angel wings that will give you and your kids that momentary angelic touch. Optical illusions and excellent painting skills allow you to run from hungry T-Rex dinosaurs or even be squirted by an elephant’s trunk – it’s so much fun!

If you’re looking for a fun half-day out in Seminyak with the kids, you’ll be spoilt for choice, especially with the plethora of awesome photo opportunities that make for the perfect Balinese souvenir. Stoll around this unique art gallery with a twist and pose for numerous photos at your leisure.

Thanks to the free WIFI throughout the gallery, you’ll also be able to update your Facebook pages with your fun and sometimes horrifying photos immediately or send them back to loved ones at home.

Charly’s Chocolate Factory – Candidasa

Charly's Chocolate Factory in Bali
Forget the fictional story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the coveted ‘Golden ticket’. Now your kids can really get to see the insides of a real-life working chocolate factory, which was conveniently opened by a man named Charly.

Located just out of Candidasa, Charly’s Chocolate Factory, made up of a mass of weird and wonderful bamboo structures, can be found in amongst forests and beaches.

As well as coffee, Bali is also famous for producing delicious melt-in-the-mouth chocolate from the locally grown island cocoa beans. Who doesn’t like chocolate? This is a chocoholics dream come true.

Tour around the factory and sample an array of decadent chocolates along the way.

The factory is also home to a small soap studio, where you’ll be able to witness the practice of soap making and even buy some delicious smelling handcrafted soaps to take home as gifts.

And if you’re into your artistic photography or posting on Instagram, you’ll love the giant swing in front that swings out towards the ocean. This is one family day out in Bali that will engage all of your senses!

The Pirates’ Bay – Nusa Dua

The Pirates' Bay in Bali
Put your pirate hat on and venture off to a special once-in-a-lifetime tree house dining experience. Young and old alike will love being a pirate for the day at Pirates’ Bay in Bali.

Located a few minutes away from the popular Nusa Dua beach in Bali, you’ll find an authentic looking ship and an array of cool tree houses that will leave the entire family in awe.

While your kids try their hands at some pirate-like games and activities from swings to ropes, you’ll be able to take some time out and go for a quiet dip at the nearby beach.

You’ll all be shouting out “Ahoy Captain” and singing the chefs’ praises as you tuck into some delectable dishes such as grilled tuna steaks and fried bananas. Wash it all down with a glass of cool freshly made juice, which is just what you need on a hot Balinese day!

Bali Night Safari – Gianyar

Night Safari Park in Bali
A real-life safari, but with a difference! Your family will love the unique night safari in Gianyar, Bali.

You’ll score big parent points taking your kids on this adventure. Not only will they be able to stay up way past their bedtime, they’re also going to see some rare and wonderful wildlife in the flesh.

With a mind-blowing variety of wild species (well over 60), you’ll be able to witness some the cutest, some of the ugliest and some of the most dangerous wild animals that walk the planet.

If a night safari isn’t enough, there’s also a freshwater aquarium where you can watch cultural shows and feeding displays, which also features the fearsome piranha.

As soon as night falls, you’ll be taken on an adventure-filled guided tour around the park. You might be concerned that things are going to be too quiet, but this is the only time of the day that you’ll really see most of the animals in their full glory – it’s when they come to life!

Roaming komodo dragons and fluttering bats in caves are just the start of your epic journey. By far the highlight would have to be your 20-minute exciting adventure deep into the African Savannah where lions, tigers and elephants patrol the grounds.

Top the night off with a scrumptious barbeque and some traditional Balinese fire dancing. This is something not just for the kids!

Bali Wake Park – Pesanggaran

Bali Wake Park
If your family’s a bit water mad, but is eager to try out something new, the Bali Wake Park in Pesanggaran is an awesome man-made park dedicated to wakeboarding and other cool water sports.

This is one park not to miss. With over five hectares of well-maintained sculpted artificial lakes and verges, adrenaline junkies are able to enjoy a cool day out relaxing in the sun and participating in water sports like no other.

Forget boats pulling the wakeboarders, an overhanging crane tower tows the riders, allowing them to zip around the lakes at speeds and levels that suit them best.

You can see kids as young as 6 enjoying wakeboarding lessons, but at the same time, you’ll also be privy to a medley of spectacular tricks as the pros hone in on their skills around the various emerged obstacles.

The well-thought out park has been carefully designed, and there are even staff that zoom around the lakes’ perimeters, picking up any riders who may have taken a fall along the way.

While wakeboarding might be the main water sport on offer, you and your family can also give knee boarding, water-skiing and surfing a go. And as your kids zip around the water on their chosen mode of water transport, you can take a lazy stroll around the picturesque park, have a spa, or enjoy a ice cold Bintang in Made’s Warung.

Elephant Safari Park – Desa Taro

Bali Elephant Safari Park
The elephant is a symbol of good luck in Indonesia; it’s a treasured animal, which is why it’s only fitting that Bali has a park dedicated to elephants.

These majestic beasts, which permanently live at Bali Elephant Safari Park in Desa Taro, North Ubud, are one of the favourite things to see for people visiting the area.

Now is your opportunity to get up close and personal with these beautiful animals. You’ll be able to bathe and feed them, and even go on a guided elephant safari tour into the depths of the jungle.

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This park in the north of Ubud also has an educational centre, a lodge, spa, museum, and restaurant. If you’re looking for a fun and educational day out with the kids in Bali, this is one adventure that will not only entertain it will also teach your family about nature and ecological problems that the island and the rest of the world face.

Navigate your way through Taro’s dense jungles on an elephant’s back – it’s simply a mind-blowing experience. Once the trek is complete, grab a bite to eat next to the elephant bathing lake to enjoy some delicious food.

Perfect for all ages, you can watch the talented elephants paint with their trunks, and younger children will even be able to go on a specially designed mini elephant ride.

Many people, who first hear about the Elephant Safari Park in Ubud, are concerned about the animals’ welfare. However, it must be noted that every single elephant within the park has been rescued from either central or southern Sumatra after humans razed the jungles to make way for property development.

Finns Recreation Club (formerly Canggu Club) – Canggu

Finns Recreation Club Bali
We’ve left the best for last…

A popular haunt for tourists with families, Finns Recreation Club in Canggu offers a range of exciting activities everyone can enjoy. You need an entire day to make the most of all the exhilarating facilities at Finns Recreation Club, and once you’ve been there once, you’ll probably find your kids begging you for another day or two.

A favourite feature of Finns Recreation Club is the newly opened Splash Water Park. Featuring some word-class super fast waterslides and a range of other activities that will keep the kids entertained for hours on end; no one’s going to grow bored! And if your child happens to be celebrating his or her birthday while in Bali, never fear, Splash Water Park has it covered with their special private function areas for hire. Make it a birthday and holiday in Bali they’ll never forget!

The Bounce Trampoline Centre at Finns Recreation Club is another facet of the park that kids will love. Kids and adults alike will surely have fun on the carefully designed trampolines. Let your kids bounce higher than ever before without fearing for their safety thanks to the thick safety pads that surround each tramp. Perfect for all ages, this unforgettable experience will wear them out while having a fantastic time.

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Strike Ten-Pin Bowling at Finns Recreation Club is also another hit! It makes for a great family day out in Canggu. You can team up and vie for the family bowling title or you can just have a few games for a laugh. No matter what your age is, every one can enjoy it, and it’s a great way to get active after lounging around pools for so long.

You’ll even be able to have a little bit of rest and relaxation sans children if you feel the urge. Drop your kids off at the Cubby House Kids Club, where your kids can learn and play at the same time in a stimulating way while you enjoy a relaxing time sipping on a cocktail from one of the many bars or getting pampered in the spa. Your kids will be in good hands, and if your children are between 2-12, they’re able to use the facilities and enjoy the activities that include indoor foam obstacles, soft tunnels, climbing frames, arts and crafts, movies, and much more. Finns Recreation Club in Canggu really has it all; it won’t disappoint!