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For anyone who has driven through Canggu recently you would have noticed a seismic change in the cool factor. That is, everything just got that but glitzy, upmarket and so very uber cool! There are so many new restaurants, cafes and cool bars for those too hip to be hanging out in and around Seminyak.

In fact, I would have to say that Canggu is now way more cooler and the place to be seen than Seminyak.

So what makes Canggu so special? Let me explain a little…

Canggu is well away from the main shopping areas of Legian and Seminyak and it has none of the super clubs or 5 star restaurants that are dotted all around Seminyak. Saying that there are numerous small and super cool restaurants and bars to laze and graze in. It’s a more cool and casual vibe and more popular with the younger generation.

These are my reasons why Canggu has become so cool

1. You can walk around Canggu and mix it up with the locals. When I mean locals I am not talking about the hip local Balinese, I am talking about your local farmers. You get a much better feel for the culture and local people as soon as you step outside the hustle of Seminyak and Legian area.

2. It’s a natural progression. Seminyak has become so over crowded and congested with traffic that the next areas north had to be swallowed up. If you can imagine how Seminyak was say 10-25 years ago then you get the picture. Canggu still has that real old world charm, but the signs are there that this is about to change.

I’ve come to this conclusion simply by looking at the range and number of really hip cafes opening up to cater for the expats and tourists. Plus there are a whole heap of luxury villas in Canggu starting to pop up for holiday rentals.

3. A good indicator of how cool a place is becoming is by the number of new cool bars starting up. Currently there are two main ones: Deus and Old Mans but I’m sure, as happened in Seminyak, nightlife here is going to explode. This is for some people a great way to go but for others that still love the stillness that surrounds Canggu, this is could be tragic.

When I say stillness I really mean it. There is a noticeable calmness about the place once you leave the Seminyak area. There are no loud car or bike horns, traffic jams or the over supply of taxis circling. It’s really a lot calmer and only 15 minutes away.

4. The surf at the beach is really world class. Seminyak beach simply cannot offer what Canggu can and this means it’s a natural magnet for surfers. And with this comes all the add-ons to cater to the surfing community. More shops, massage spas, villas… the list goes on.

Telling your friends that you are holidaying in Canggu has a certain buzz and excitement about it. Those people in Seminyak are probably wondering what they are missing out on and will make it there next holiday destination. And so the cycle continues till the cool becomes not so cool.

In the interim, go on and enjoy Canggu. Stay there for a few days so you can see what I’m talking about. It’s really a magical place. Renting a villa is really the way to go, so if you need help sorting this out – please get in touch with our experienced villa consultants here at Balli Villas Online.